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adjustable-dumbbells-1What are Adjustable Benches?

Understanding about adjustable benches is no more a complicated task. Today, benches are present in every other gym or fitness center. The fitness bench appears to be like a normal bench that is easily visible in parks, etc… An Adjustable bench is a weight training device which helps in toning the muscles and thereafter brings strength in them. With numerous attachment slots, the adjustment bench can easily combine bars for other exercises as well. Due to lack of time for outdoor fitness, various people have installed adjustable benches at their residential spaces.

Adjustable benches can be very commonly seen and spotted at even local gyms as well. They are basic equipments for weight training. The appeal of these benches differs in three ways namely, flat, incline and decline. This means that the angle of benches can be shifted in different ways. These benches have a minute difference in their looks. For example: in some benches, the user can spot racks which are basically used for holding or placing a barbell while in some benches, the user might not spot any rack as well. Benches that are not having racks are mostly utilized for dumbbell exercise. There are different categories of benches namely, hyperextension bench, preacher bench, abdominal bench, etc… Hyperextension bench is basically utilized for working out on the fitness of lower back, glute muscles and hamstring. Also, it can be used to perform abdominal exercises as well. Preacher bench is best suited for biceps. The abdominal bench is a sole declining bench.

A bench is spectacular and versatile equipment for fitness. Benches can be easily placed in gyms as well as at homes. The unique feature about benches is that it is result oriented. It can be placed anywhere due to its space savior feature. Along with this, benches can be adjusted with several bars. It can become a multi-functioning device for performing fitness activities. Adjustable benches are available across all the best fitness brands. The price of adjustable benches has a slight variation from brand to brand. Since they can also be bought with supporting accessories, the price tends to differ clearly. Fitness experts recommend people to purchase adjustable benches because it is a worthy investment. The functioning of adjustable benches is pretty easy. It can be moved and placed with great ease due to the presence of wheels and platform beneath it.

body-solid-gfi-21-flat-to-incline-weight-bench-2 What makes them so desirable?

An adjustable bench is a one-stop platform for undertaking weight training exercise. It allows the user to perform the exercise with the help of dumbbells, barbells, etc… It strengthens the body and tones each and every muscle in the body. Benches are very effective and essential equipment for developing a fit body. Although the device is similar to a bench, yet the look and design of this device has changed over the years. The traditional benches have gone through various modifications. The latest benches by brands are equipped with adjustment options. The bench can easily be customized and given a new avatar. It can facilitate the user to do other exercise as well. Since the equipment is sturdy and heavy, the user need not worry while working out on it.

The functioning of adjustable benches is quite simple. It can be adjusted to flat, incline and decline positions. There are holes in the bars which allow the user to detach the bars and make adjustments for angle change. Utilization of an adjustable bench should be done under the supervision of an expert. Since people can utilize adjustable bench for different purposes, it is utmost essential to assure one’s medical condition fit for doing the workout. For Example, People with lower back pain should consult with the trainer or a medical expert for educating him or her about bench exercises that are suitable for him or her.

ironmaster-super-bench-2 Adjustable Benches Benefits 

Adjustable benches have greatly evolved with time. In the last three to four decades, the weight of benches differed for each position. But today with high technology and availability of skilled professionals, adjustable benches have been developed. These benches are considered all-in-one equipment for weight training.

Readers can know more about it by going through the following benefits:

1. Range of exercises: Adjustable benches are very different and advanced than the traditional benches. The adjustable benches can be easily adjusted from 0 degrees to 80 degrees. The backrest seat can easily become flat, or decline or incline. There are uprights on a traditional bench which can hinder while working out. The adjustable bench allows the user to perform other fitness exercises as well.

2. Saves your money: Adjustable bench is way cheaper than the traditional bench. A lot of modifications have been done in designing benches. The modern benches are quite lighter in weight than the traditional ones. The material utilized in the adjustable bench is high on quality and less in price while the traditional ones are just opposite.

3. Easy and Quick movement: With the placement of wheels and platform in the adjustable bench, people can easily transfer them or move them from place to place. It is not heavy in movement. It smoothly moves ahead due to the presence of wheels in it.

4. Space: Today, space is becoming a big question in residential accommodations. Where land is becoming very costly, people are not able to buy large homes. But adjustable bench takes very little space for placement. It helps the user to efficiently manage the space in his or her living premise.

body-solid-flat-incline-decline-adjustable-bench-3 Why Adjustable Benches?

An adjustable bench is a great source for working out or doing different exercises easily in residential spaces. The fitness experts and trainers assist the gym goers for working out on the weight benches. Weight bench brings effective change and results in the fitness of a person. Are you interested in finding out the reasons for choosing weight benches? If you are interested then the further information will answer your questions. The following are the reasons behind choosing an adjustable bench:

1. Ease in space management: Being compact and sturdy fitness equipment, the weight bench saves upon a lot of space utilization. It assures to take very less space and can be installed easily in the gym as well as in residential spaces.

2. Simple to use: Beginners in weight training find it difficult to control their postures, breathing, and techniques while working out. But the bench is an efficient device which will provide support and maintain the posture of the person. It helps in making a body balance for working out on weight training.

3. Growth-oriented design: An adjustable bench is an excellent equipment for toning and strengthening every body part of the body. The exercises performed with the help of the bench ensure to tone every minute muscles infusing strength in it.

4. Multi – workout session: It is very well known that the adjustable benches are majorly used for weight training. An adjustable dumbbell has multi-purpose benefits for performing work out sessions. The person can not only use dumbbells or bars on an adjustable bench but it can also enable the person to utilize steps for performing steps or utilize mat for abdomen exercise or check out platform for pushups. Along with this, the bench can also be used for cardio exercises.

5. Meets every angle of the muscles for better growth: Hyperextension is a technique which is essential for the fitness of the body. It is not possible to perform this exercise without the help of an adjustable bench. Instead, the bench will enable the user to perform hyperextension which in turn will help in strengthening the muscles in the lower back region.

6. Safe: The Adjustable benches are made up of strong and sturdy material. They are capable of handling weights. Hence, the user should be assured about his safety.

xmark-commercial-fid-xm-7604-3 Selecting the right Adjustable Bench is not so simple!

Today branded items are the most trusted ones. Hence, the user should check out the brand and consult one’s fitness trainer before going in for adjustable bench. However, the following parameters can also be a help in guiding towards the right weight bench:

1. Avoid being cheap: Before buying such high end fitness equipments, it is essential to avoid being cheap. Sometimes people try to act smart and land up in odd situation. Hence it is not wise to compromise on quality for just saving few dollars.

2. Identify your needs vis-a-vis to wants and budget: The user should do a proper analysis of one’s need before going for an adjustable bench. It is ideal to check all the factors with respect to needs, wants and the budget in order to prevent regretting later.

3. Go for a test check before buying: Rather than just getting influenced by word of mouth publicity, or paid testimonials on the internet, it is advisable to take a personal test or check on these equipments. A test ride can help in deciding the equipments at the best. A

ll-time best brands in this segment

There are numerous renowned brands that are providing high quality adjustable benches. Let us know about them in detail:

bowflex-selectTech-5.1-11. Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series 5.1:
Being a pioneer brand in the fitness industry, Bowflex offers the supreme and premier quality of adjustable benches for people. With a unique property of declining from 17 degree to 90 degree, it is fit for hard working fitness people. Being a trusted brand, people can easily go in for this.

xmark-commercial-fid-xm-76042. XMark Commercial FID Flat Incline Decline Weight Bench XM-7604:
Being a quality product from XMark, the user will be assured on warranty and post sales response from the company. The equipment is ideal for abdominal and abdominal exercises.

ironmaster-super-bench3. Ironmaster Super Bench Adjustable weight-lifting Bench:
This bench is definitely a strong and sturdy option of heavy weight lifters specifically. The equipment can be moved and transferred with great ease due to the presence of platform in it.

xmark-fid-flat-incline-decline-weight-bench-with-preacher-curl-xm-44174. XMark FID Flat Incline Decline Weight Bench with Preacher Curl XM-4417:
Coming from the XMark family, the XM – 4417 is worth buying. Ensuring a long term warranty, the users can be rest assured about after sales support. The dimensions and weighing capacity makes it capable of purchasing it.

body-solid-GFID-71-heavy-duty-flatinclinedecline-weight-bench5. Body-Solid GFID-71 Heavy Duty Flat/Incline/Decline Weight Bench:
Body Solid GFID – 71 is actually the best choice of fitness trainers. It can easily be used and shipped as well. It gives an option for those who want to go in for a single piece of strength training device.

xmark-commercial-ab-hyperextension-and-preacher-curl-weight Bench-xm-7631-16. XMark Commercial Ab – Hyperextension and Preacher Curl Weight Bench XM-7631:
The exercise of hyperextension is pretty tough and impossible without an adjustable bench. It gives a great platform for abs and crunches. The device also allows the user to undertake tough abdominal exercise as well.

marcy-deluxe-utility-bench-17. Marcy Deluxe Utility Bench:
This bench allows the user to undertake infinite exercise with respect to dumbbells, kettle bells, etc… To strengthen the body and to give a great scope to the users for fitment. This equipment is targeted for people who are keen on developing abs.

body-solid-gfi-21-flat-to-incline-weight-bench-18. Body-Solid GFI-21 Flat to Incline Weight Bench:
As the name says, this weight bench is extremely sturdy and adjustable. It can incline from zero to ninety degree angle. It enables the user to undertake creative exercise with dumbbells and barbell.

valor-fitness-dd-3-inclineflat-adjustable-utility-bench-19. Valor Fitness DD-3 Incline/Flat Adjustable Utility Bench:
A great device for enhancing the fitness levels in the body, Valor has made a special place in the list of best adjustable benches. The body is made of steel and hence it ensures safety and security to the user. It also allows the user to perform multiple exercises with great ease and results.

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